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Drug deactivation pouches available as part of opioid overdose prevention efforts

Jan 6, 2022

POUCHES OFFERED — Deterra drug deactivation bags that are available for free to community members to easily and effectively dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications, including opioid painkillers, right at home.

STEUBENVLLE — The United Prevention Partnership has announced it has drug deactivation pouches that are available for free to community members.

The Deterra Drug Deactivation System is a safe medication disposal pouch that allows people to easily and effectively dispose of unused, unwanted or expired medications, including opioid painkillers, right at home, according to Ashley Wilson, United Prevention Partnership coordinator for Jefferson County.

The drug deactivation bags are available at no cost at Family Recovery Center, which is located at 1010 N. Sixth St., Steubenville. It is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Research has shown that three out of four people who use heroin reported they first used a prescription opioid, and 70 percent of prescribed opioids for surgical use remain unused and available in someone’s home for abuse.

UPP has worked with local partners and community members on education and hosting two drug tack-back days a year, and there are currently four medication drop boxes located across Jefferson County.

Those sites, however, aren’t always accessible or convenient for all community members, according to Wilson. Those drop boxes are located at the Steubenville Police Department, Toronto Police Department, Wintersville Police Department and Mingo Junction Police Department.

Anyone can use a Deterra pouch to dispose of drugs, including pills, patches, liquids, creams and films. “Simply add the recommended amount of unused medicines into the pouch, fill the pouch half-way with warm water, wait 30 seconds, seal the pouch and gently shake. You can then dispose of them in normal household trash,” Wilson explained. Each Deterra pouch contains activated carbon, which firmly bonds to pharmaceuticals, rendering them inert and nonretrievable for all practical purposes.

The Deterra pouch is the only environmentally sound, in-home drug disposal system that permanently deactivates drugs, Wilson noted in a news release about their availability.

For information about the pouches visit

“Fighting this complex public health epidemic takes a multi-faceted approach, and we are pleased to offer our community members another way to properly dispose of prescription opioids, ultimately saving lives and helping those with substance use disorders,” commented Wilson, who can be contacted at (740) 283-4946 or through e-mail at Information also is available at the Facebook page at

The Jefferson County UPP’s mission is to prevent and reduce youth and adult substance use while promoting healthy lifestyles and choices using a multi-disciplinary approach.

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